The Magic of Fairytales

Fairy tales have both educational and developmental importance to young children. According to child development and psychotherapy professionals, the telling of fairy tales is one way to elicit a child’s inner thoughts and feelings, reduce anxiety, expose conflicts and frustrations, and gain mastery over developmental tasks.

And while young listeners are enraptured with magical adventures, they will be also be LEARNING essential language, listening and comprehension skills, and becoming inventive problem solvers.

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Teachers can feel good recommending Tickling Dragon audio plays to parents.
The subscriptions sell themselves.

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Introduction to the
Performing Arts

As arts education budgets continue to dwindle, teachers have become more resourceful than ever. We hope Tickling Dragon Theatre can help elementary educators include artful culture into their curriculum inexpensively.

Each riveting play can be experienced inside or outside of the classroom. We hope to inspire young minds to think of their favorite stories in more than the just the pop culture visual way.

Tickling Dragon Theatre was created primarily because we wanted to share a very special collection of audio plays with today’s youngsters and provide parents an “edutainment” choice that will also help them with common parenting struggles.

But our mission morphed into so much more when we began to really understand the challenges our customers face on a regular basis.  For example:

  • 9 out of 10 teachers are spending their personal income on supplies to make their classrooms student-ready.
  • Parents and educators are overwhelmed and fatigued with year-round fundraising

For us, donating a portion of our profits to lighten the load for parents and teachers became a no-brainer.

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Gretel's Gifts

When Gretel visits schools to share TDT’s magic, she leaves behind a few “Gretel Gifts”, like a paper doll in her likeness, a cute paper gingerbread house, homemade candy and our TDT brochure.

We also mail Gretel’s Gifts in a flat envelope to schools as an introduction to TDT. Above is a 30-second video showing how easy it is to assemble the sweet little house.

Here is an activity page for your little listener to color, cut and assemble so Gretel has a warm place to listen to her favorite TDT plays. Have fun!

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Hansel and Gretel

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Snow White and Rose Red

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