Gretel, Gretel, let down your golden hair!

As a kid herself, Gretel knows that make believe is all the more fun when you have some props, just like a real stage production!  I mean, everyone knows that you can’t be a superhero without a cape fashioned out of a tablecloth…

Tickling Dragon would love to add to your child’s imagination with creative and reasonably priced products that we find; you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg every time your kid wants to be a princess or a pirate!  Many of our suggested products will come from We prefer this site because the products sold there are handcrafted well by proud artists; and you can be sure that when you buy something, it will be a quality item.

One of Gretel’s favorite plays in the collection is “Rapunzel” and she loved looking out the window and singing Rapunzel’s song, believing she was trapped in a tower by a wicked witch, while braiding her not so long hair.  What would make playtime a lot more fun?  Why not some really long braids just like Rapunzel?!  

The first is a really cheerful and creative Rapunzel braid from Free1Spirit on  Made from a yellow yarn, with beautiful flowers attached and a ribbon to go around any bun or ponytail, its the perfect addition to your little one’s playtime!  

Follow the link below to visit Free1Spirit’s Rapunzel braid listing:  

Our second pick is also on, by DreadNaughty.  This braid is made of realistic synthetic hair, comes in a variety of colors, with a beautiful flower clip at the top.  The braid is also very easily attached to a bun or ponytail and would make any girl’s imagination come to life!  

Follow the link below to get your own Rapunzel braid:  

Gretel couldn’t be happier with her Rapunzel braids, now her play is complete and she can sing from her tower and swing her long golden braids to her heart’s content.  

Be sure to click on the video and watch Gretel tell you more about these two braids in her own words!  And check out our other Behind the Curtain videos, with more being posted every week.  

Thank you for visiting Tickling Dragon, we hope that we will be able to bring you many other reviews of products just perfect for your child to play along with the audio stories…Now go play!

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