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Let go of the guilt!

Your kids want to spend time with you after work, but how is it possible when you have dinner to prepare and 100 other things to do before bed? The parent guilt can be wrenching. But, it doesn’t always have to be so hard or feel so dreadful.

Audio plays can be experienced independently, without help from a grownup. Let them entertain themselves while coloring in the scenery and characters of each play they are listening to, while you guiltlessly do the things you need to do. You can be you while they enjoy one of their favorite audio shows.

Join the parents worldwide who are using Tickling Dragon audio plays to help with their most trying parenting plights.

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Press play for tantrum free tuck-ins

Kids love spending tuck-in time WITH YOU and parents love the fight-free nights. Listening to a fairytale you loved as a child is an effortless way to snuggle together before falling asleep. Audio theatre has become a staple in the bedtime routine for families everywhere.

No more shouting, mean mommy (or daddy)! Experience Zen parenthood when you press play and watch their sweet faces soak up the enchantment of audio theatre.

Quiet time kids look forward to spending with you

With Tickling Dragon audio shows, kids stretch their imaginations listening to daring adventures all while giving their bodies the rest they need. You’ll also be encouraging a love of the performing arts while giving your kids a quality entertainment choice.

Whisk them off
to faraway places

Traveling with children is not for the fainthearted! Tickling Dragon Theater makes it easier for the both of you. Turn tired travelers into blissful companions just by pressing play and let the retellings of classic fairytales carry them off to magical destinations far, far away.

No Wi-Fi? No problem.Listen anywhere, anytime. Every play is supplied as an easy to download file dropped in your inbox. Just add it to the devices you will be traveling with and the stories are good to go.

When played in a car, the entire family can play a part in the theatrical experience. Moms and Dads love listening to storytelling done differently, while children and teens enjoy the entertaining voice performance and imaginative characters.

mother and daughter time

Screen Free Fun!

Kids love screen-time and mom’s love the time it gives them to get things done.
Too much screen time can be overwhelming. Little brains don’t know how to process the flashing lights, blaring sound and fast-paced story-telling so they meltdown and struggle to process the sensory over-load.

Listening leads to learning

Replacing screen time with play time is easier than you think. With Tickling Dragon, kids will be asking to listen to their favorite plays again and again, often acting out their favorite scenes. While playing and listening to their favorite plays, your kids are LEARNING essential language listening, and comprehension skills while becoming imaginative problem solvers.

Switching screen-time to drama time is one choice you can be proud of!

Tickling Dragon audio shows are not only highly entertaining, they also reinforce the human values parents work so hard to impart in their children: courage, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, work ethic and generosity.

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