Making Memories and Money Together

Tickling Dragon is on a mission to disrupt the elementary school fundraising standard in America which has overwhelmed and burned out parents and educators for far too long. Isn’t it enough they have the immense responsibility of raising our future generations without having to also do the work of supplementing deficit funding? We certainly think so.

Another silver lining to providing families with quality, easy to enjoy screen-free quiet time is the cash donations TDT makes directly to our customer’s own community. We are excited about influencing one community at a time and curious what a self-sustained C4C model will accomplish towards improving children’s education in the years ahead right here in the USA.

This is a very important quest for children, parents and educators alike. We hope you will join in a historical shift from the unacceptable status quo.

Story Snapshot

We grew up listening to a special collection of children’s audio dramas. We loved them as children, but love them even more now as parents, because they make parenting easier at bedtime, quiet time and when traveling. We noticed a lack of screen free entertainment choices for kids they can enjoy independently and recognize parenting today is more challenging than ever before. So, it seemed obvious we needed to make the audio dramas available to children once again and help parents and educators create memories and money together.

Veronica and Marlena

From Our Family to Yours…

Tickling Dragon Theater was created by mom and daughter duo, Marlena and Veronica Ewing, in 2014 because of their passion for sharing a unique collection of children’s audio plays that have been enjoyed by American generations since the 1940s.

Wholesome Family Fun

It began with Great Grandma, who first heard the live radio productions in the 1940’s. Then Grandma introduced the updated renditions on vinyl recordings to her children (mom’s generation), who in turn duplicated them on cassette for their children’s enjoyment (me). Now, from our family to yours, we are thrilled to share these classic children’s AUDIO STAGE PLAYS by way of MP3 files.

radio listening
radio days

Evoking a bygone era when families crowded around the radio, Tickling Dragon Theatre ignites the imagination with audio shows that engage the whole family with tales of good versus evil, the adventures of early explorers and the magic of witches and fairy godmothers. Families laugh and learn together while appreciating the timeless art of storytelling.

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Hansel and Gretel

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Snow White and Rose Red

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