The absolute best way to experience our entire collection is through our subscription service, which is why we don’t offer individual plays or genre collections for sale.

But we couldn’t resist giving our customers a sneak peek into the fantasy and adventure they can expect the first couple of months into their subscription.

During each month, you will experience audio plays from all our collection genres:

Fantasy | Adventure | Princess | Menagerie

1st Month

Hansel & Gretel Lost in the woods, young Hansel and his sister Gretel stumble upon the cottage of an evil witch, who desires to fatten and eat the children. Listen, as they trick her and escape from her trap to return to their loving father. The Donkey, The Table And The Stick A young suitor seeks his fortune through hard work and perseverance, and is rewarded with unusual gifts. He is deceived by those he thought he could trust and reveals their dishonest behavior in a surprising fashion. Rapunzel Nothing stands in the way of a brave prince and love. Imagination and determination help the prince and Rapunzel as they use her beautiful tresses to escape the witch, Dane Gothel. Rumpelstiltskin A young woman’s future depends on her spinning straw into gold. Not knowing how, a little man offers his help in return for her firstborn child IF she cannot guess his name before the job is complete.

2nd Month

The Little Mermaid When a young mermaid seeks adventure beyond the sea, she must choose between family and her home in the ocean or the mortal man she yearns for on land. How Six Traveled The World Six friends, each with a unique ability, embark on a quest to the capital where they enter into a competition for the hand of the king’s daughter. They use teamwork to overcome the plans of the treacherous king and his conniving daughter. East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon During a time of great magic, handsome Prince Meredith has been turned into a shaggy brown bear by the wicked queen of the Troll Kingdom, East of the Sun-West of the Moon. Until the spell is broken, Prince Meredith must remain in bear form, except for one hour a day at sundown. Alice In Wonderland Enjoy the timeless classic as Alice descends into a magical land inhabited by the late Mr. Rabbit, the very Mad Hatter, and the raving Queen of Hearts.

3rd Month

Why The Sea Is Salt While one seeks simply to take care of his family and barters for a mystic hand mill, another uses it for selfish, greedy reasons and in so doing, fails to learn how to control its power. The Queen Who Couldn't Make Spice Nuts King Theodore seeks perfection in all things. He even fired all his cooks because they couldn’t fix his favorite treat – spice nuts. Seeking a wife and queen for his kingdom, who is without fault like himself, proves difficult, if not impossible. One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes A family similar to Cinderella's, but with a few unique differences. After the death of her beloved pet, Two Eyes receives a gift from her fairy godmother which leads to great fortune and happiness. Faithful John Faithful John, upon the king’s passing, promises to protect his son Richard no matter the cost. Will John be able to keep his promise to the king? AN ADULT PREVIEW IS SUGGESTED: For his protection, Faithful John must slay King Richard's prize stallion.
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Hansel and Gretel

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Snow White and Rose Red

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