What is Tickling Dragon Theatre?

TDT is a new children’s entertainment brand helping parents, caregivers, and teachers create quiet, yet fun, opportunities with their children through a special collection of children’s classic stories performed as audio stage plays. Listen together and make memories forever!

Why Audio Plays?

Tickling Dragon Theatre was created to share this very special storytelling art form and collection of audio plays with today’s younger generation. From personal experience, we knew the plays could help parents with many of their parenting stress points, like their bedtime routine, travel traumas, and creating screen-free quiet time.

Why should I buy Tickling Dragon stories for my child?

Your children will LOVE our drama! They provide quality entertainment at home or on the go. From bedtime, quiet hour, or going to grandma’s, these audio plays give you a moment of peace (while your kids are happy, engaged, and most importantly, learning!).

Each play is filled to the brim with adventure and song and those important life lessons like kindness, compassion and bravery that your child can begin understanding at any age.

This is one choice you can feel proud of. It’s a completely screen-free activity and a splendid way for a child to imagine and create for themselves.

Does my child need to be a certain age to enjoy the plays?

One can never be too young to enjoy a well-told story.  Typically, our audio plays can be enjoyed as young as three or four years of age. If your youngster enjoys a book being read to them, then they are likely to LOVE TDTs audio plays. Our productions are completely captivating with actor’s animated voices and singing, talking animals, orchestrated music, and sound effects.  Honestly? You will probably hear, “play it again, again!”

Are there any stories that may not be suitable for my child?

Maybe. Some of our stories have a bit more “trauma drama” than you may want your child hearing.  We know you know your little one best and have provided “AN ADULT PREVIEW” for ANY plays with a questionable “fright” factor.

How do I download the stories onto my smartphone?

After your order is processed through the payment fairies, you will receive an email almost immediately from TDT | SendOwl with a download link. Click on the embedded link to download the files. Depending on your device and applications, the MP3 files will automatically download (into iTunes for example), or you can save the files to a location of your choice. The MP3 file format is used universally for sharing music. Listening to your plays will be as easy as opening your favorite song.

When and how are the payments made to TDT?

After your initial payment and the receipt of your Welcome Play Pack, payments will automatically be charged to the account you established, within our secure payment portal, the same day every month for 11 consecutive months. Your Play Pack delivery will be every 7 days.

How many plays will be delivered during the full year’s subscription?

Currently, we have 50 plays in our entire collection. Which means most months you will receive 4 plays, but then for TWO months you will receive 1 additional play. Yay!

What are your refund and cancellation policies?

If, for any reason, you feel the Cash4Classrooms subscription isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription with a simple email to our support desk.

If you are changing schools or playgroups, there is no need to cancel! Keep receiving your monthly plays and surprise your child’s new teacher by transferring our monthly donation to their classroom. Email our customer support with the contact details of your child’s new teacher and we will do the rest!

Because our products are electronic we do not offer refunds. However, happy kids AND happy adults are very important to us, so please send us an email so that we can help you best.

WHY Cash4Classrooms?

On average, teachers personally spend up to $1,000 annually on supplies for their classroom, while parents are hooked into door-to-door fundraising that leads to more stress and less profits for the school. For us, donating a significant portion of our profits to lighten the load for children, parents and teachers became a no-brainer.

How much stuff will your PGO need to sell?

Why a dragon and the name Thespis?

Thespis is the tiny tickled dragon you see as our logo at the top of the page.  He was born many years ago, as just a logo when Veronica was only eleven. The family was inspired by the brand-new Harry Potter movie and started handcrafting magic wands to sell, and so we needed a name for our collection.” I got it!” said Veronica, “Tickling Dragon!”  “Why that name honey?”  “I don’t know, it just sounds funny.”  So, started our first venture with a baby dragon logo Dad designed.

But it wasn’t until a couple years ago, when Tickling Dragon Theatre was created that our little dragon was named Thespis. We wanted our new listeners to relate and learn from our smart and funny fellow. According to historians, including Aristotle, Thespis was actually the first person to step out of a Greek chorus and speak solo his dialogue, thus becoming the very first actor or Thespian. So, Thespis has been with us sharing our special plays ever since!

Is TDT a non-profit company?

Tickling Dragon Theatre is a for-profit enterprise with a serious charitable element built into its core values and goals.

How does Tickling Dragon plan on conquering the world?

Our vision is to make life easier for parents by reintroducing a special collection of old-school audio dramas that also create opportunities for memorable family moments.

Because Tickling Dragon donates 50% of every sale, it enables parents to also support their child’s teacher or youth group without the hassle of fundraising. The model is sustainable which mirrors our commitment to improving funding shortfalls in elementary education.

Welcome to the magical world of audio drama, one which strengthens the skill of listening and reinforces life’s most important values of kindness, courage, faith and forgiveness.

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