WHAT IF the future of fundraising was…

NOT to fundraise at all!

Blending purpose with profit has always been an essential company value for us. So we are thrilled to be part of the social entrepreneurship generation, serving the needs and challenges of our customers beyond their expectations.

Our Cash4Classrooms initiative offers an unprecedented EASY SOLUTION for a Parent Group Organiation (PGO) to earn cash PASSIVELY with guaranteed results.

Profitshare Pie

Guaranteed? Yes!

Because after a parent purchases a subscription for $19.95 a month, 50% of the sale price ($10 a month) is donated directly to their child’s school. That’s $10 a MONTH, during the school year, per subscription. Period. No fine print with quotas, fees or tricks.

Unprecedented? How?

Because our customers receive 10% more profit share than we do. And that’s OK, because we have the benefit of countless organizations participating, whereas a school has only one parent group.

father and son with headphones

How will your PGO get parents to buy-in?

They’ll have to love our product!

What’s not to love?

Life Gets Easier
Saves Time, Energy & Money
Solves many parenting challenges
Is wholesome entertainment for their child

Parents are more willing to participate if they know HOW the money raised WILL BE USED.

Helping parents CREATE BALANCE

and feel Less Stress


Tantrum Free Tuck-ins
Trauma Free Travel
Screen Free Fun

all while…
Making Memories and
Money Together

mom doing yoga with daughter
Mom taking a break

A monthly subscription delivers 4 plays that are about 25 minutes long. That’s 100 minutes* of guilt-free, QUIET TIME.

Ask yourself…

What would you trade for 100 magnificent minutes, OR MORE, of “me” time?

We’ve bet the farm you’ll believe…

$10 a month or just $2.50 a week


*Enjoy a minimum 100 minutes of quiet, because if your child loves audio drama, like most do, they’ll listen to each title at least as many times as they watch a favorite Disney movie.

Stop getting “wrapped up” selling stuff… then sharing your hard earned “dough” with third party corporations.

For more details, click here.

TDT is more than just a fundraising strategy. We want children to experience the joy of audio theatre, help parents create life-long positive memories, while reducing their stress at home and school.

We provide parents PEACE with solutions and opportunities to spend QUIET time with their child.

Our fledgling company has zero debt and therefore our financial priority IS sending our parent groups their monthly donations, with transparent reporting.

Parent payment data is only collected by Stripe, our credit card processor, which means it is safeguarded by them and therefore TDT cannot use or sell our user’s information.

So let’s get started!

It takes very little to get the ball rolling. Whether its…

  • Our professionally printed brochure
  • A copier friendly flyer (black & white)
  • A well-written parent email
  • A child coloring / cut out fun page
  • Social media content
  • All of the above?

We’ll provide whatever you think you’ll need for remarkable parent participation!

We’d love to answer any questions you might have before kicking off an awareness campaign.

So give us a call or send us email!

[email protected]
(407) 491-7258

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