Behind the Curtain with Rumplestiltskin!

If you can guess my name little one,

Oh, we’ll have so much fun!

It’s a little odd, and really really long…

But in this timeless fairy-tale, I truly belong!

Have you guessed it yet? Of course you have! Now that “Rumple” is the kingdom storyteller, everyone knows the game…for Rumplestiltskin is his name! And for his first task, as storyteller to all the children in the kingdom, he will be reading one of the funniest, most clever of books we have come across.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

This book has everyone saying the silliest things, it’s just downright absurd, and we love it! Want to see how Rumple feels about it, click on the video and watch silliness ensue. Maybe we’ll even get a chuckle from our grumpy, little curmudgeon.

Perhaps once you are done, you’ll have a few other ideas of books that Rumple can read to all of us here in the kingdom!

Comment below or email him personally.

[email protected]

Thank you, Mr. Novak, for writing a book with such silly words, and NO PICTURES!

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