Behind the Curtain with a little mermaid!

Now, I know what you must be thinking…

Where’s Ariel? Isn’t she the little mermaid?

Well, not originally. “The Little Mermaid” was written by Hans Christian Anderson in the 1800’s, and our mermaid didn’t have a name, but simply “the youngest sister”. In Tickling Dragon’s play, our beautiful mermaid’s name is Naeda, and she’ll tell you all about the history of mermaid folklore and where the first mermaid came from. She should know right? After all, she is the one with fins.

So go ahead, click play! Naeda can’t wait to show you her home under the waves and all of her fishy friends. And while you’re there, she wants to regale you with stories of her travels to the human world. She remembers everything, from meeting the Prince, to dancing on two feet, even the way the ocean smelled from the shore.

A mermaid knows that some of the most amazing adventures happen when you can experience something new. And the best part? You don’t even have to go anywhere! You could visit new lands in books, pictures, even in stories you hear from other people.

Hey! Isn’t that just like audio plays? After all, how else are we to close our eyes and travel to the places our characters go?

One more thing; Naeda wishes to ask you something. Have you ever wished for something so hard it almost hurt? Our little mermaid wanted nothing more than to travel to the world above the waves. She wonders what humans dream of. Do you dream of singing or dancing? Becoming an explorer? Maybe even becoming a writer and telling more stories like hers! Tell her all about it.

Comment below or email her…

[email protected]

Thanks for swimming by!

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