Listen, Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a little dragon, his name was Thespis.  Thespis loved flying around with his friends, playing “Fly Through Fire” where one dragon would blow a ring of fire into the air and the other would have to fly through it.  He liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, broccoli, and grapes.  He also enjoyed hot cocoa and curling up in his blanket fort during a thunderstorm.  But most of all, Thespis loved playing make believe and telling stories!

His favorite time of the day was when Mama or Papa Dragon would tuck him in for bed, tucking in the covers so tight sometimes he couldn’t move (oh how that made him giggle!).  Mama and Papa liked telling stories to little Thespis before bed, and Thespis loved it when they would act out all the different characters, especially when they made funny voices.

One night, Papa Dragon was telling a tale to Thespis, one about a human giant up in the clouds that had a golden goose and a magic harp.  And just as the giant was beginning to yell, ”Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum…” all he heard were great big dragon snores!  Papa Dragon had fallen asleep!

Well he was certainly very disappointed, but understood how tired papa must have been, so he pulled up the covers and tucked in his papa goodnight.

The next morning Papa Dragon was so embarrassed that he had fallen asleep right in the middle of pretending to be a giant and promised they would finish the story that night.  Thespis was so excited he flew off to school with his PB&J sandwich and broccoli, thinking of what might happen with the giant in the clouds.

That night Papa Dragon continued the story right where he left off, ”Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum, I smell, I smell…” and then wouldn’t you know it, he was snoring again!  Poor Papa Dragon had fallen asleep and poor little Thespis was left wondering and wondering what would happen to the giant!  There had to be another way he and his parents could listen to his favorite stories without falling asleep before it ended!

Mama and Papa Dragon had been working so hard at the egg hatchery, sometimes they wouldn’t get home until it was Thespis’s bedtime. He didn’t blame them, but he really missed his story time with them!

Soon it was the weekend, and Thespis stayed busy with his friends, baked cookies with Mama, and finished his homework. But he couldn’t stop thinking of the giant in the clouds.  What happened to Jack or the magic harp?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Thespis flew to the door as fast as his little wings could carry him (his Mama had recently given him permission to open the door and he was so excited).  He asked, “Who is it?” and heard a reply, “Package for Thespis Dragon!”  A package?  For me?  He threw open the door and was handed a small package, “Thank you!” he said, and closed the door.  “Mama I got a package!” little Thespis exclaimed.  “Well why don’t you open it.” said Mama, with a little smirk on her face.

It was from Grandma Dragon!  There was a set of headphones, a MP3 player, and a coloring page with a picture of a giant in the clouds!  The card read, “Dear Thespis, I came across these wonderful audio plays of all your favorite stories and thought you, your Mama and Papa would like to hear  them together eykupsp.  Listen happily ever after, Love, Grandma.”

Thespis was so excited he could hardly contain himself, “Can we listen now Mama, can we, can we, can we?!”  “Why don’t we wait till your Papa gets home?” Mama said, and Thespis agreed it was a good idea, because he didn’t want his Papa to miss the action!

When Papa got home they all ate dinner together, and Thespis ate so fast he got hiccups!  He just couldn’t wait for story time sildenafil 100m order.  Papa didn’t even have to ask him to brush his teeth, by the time Papa and Mama got into their PJ’s, Thespis was already tucked in bed with the MP3 player calling out, “Papa, Mama, it’s story time!”  When they were all together in bed, Thespis in the middle like a bug in a rug, he pressed play and listened to “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

Thespis just loved the different voices of the characters, the old man with the beans, Jack, and the great booming voice of the giant.  And the sounds of the axe chopping down the beanstalk was so real, Thespis flinched when it hit the ground, which gave them all a good giggle!

Fifteen minutes later, Thespis was snoozing quietly with a little smile on his face, quite content that he finally found out what had happened to the giant in the clouds.  His Mama and Papa kissed him goodnight, went to bed and dreamed of beanstalks, giants, and magic harps.  They all listened happily ever after.

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