Behind the Curtain with Lisette

Meet Lisette, our heroine from Tickling Dragon’s play “The House in the Woods”!  She may not have started off as a Princess, but because she’s compassionate, kind, and eager to help others, she earned her crown.

After being lost in the woods for some time, you would think the first thing Lisette would want is some water, food, and a comfortable bed to sleep in, right?  Not so!  Why, the only thing Lisette could think about was how worried her Mother would be, and her poor lost sisters.

There are many ways to get joy in life, Lisette thinks the best way is to help those around you!  That can be something as simple as helping clean your room, assisting someone cross the street, or just saying hello.

Can you think of anything that you can do to help others around you?  Lisette would love to hear all about your ideas!

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