Behind the Curtain with Jackie Frost!

Who’s ready for some frosty magic?!  For Tickling Dragon’s play “How Six Traveled the World” we decided to let Jackie Frost do all the talking. She’s bright, talented, spunky, and loves to teach others how to make snow and ice appear on a whim.

There’s a lot that can be said for working together; our characters know that they can’t get even with a greedy King by themselves. But by combining all of their individually unique talents, they can accomplish many incredible feats. Such it is with Jackie Frost’s little friends called Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two tiny molecules that work together to create water, or as we learn in this video, H2O!

Not only will Jackie teach us all about the wonders of water, but she will also share one of her favorite magic tricks, how to make crystal stars! They can be all different sizes and colors, and hanging them in your window makes for quite a magical sight.

To learn how to make your very own with your child, follow the link below to “One Little Project At A Time” where Debbie will tell you all about making crystal stars step by step!

Thank you so much for sharing this project with us, Debbie! We just adore our crystal stars!

Jackie Frost just loves snow and ice, and she thinks making it appear is one of her best talents. What are some of your best talents? Is there something you think you’re really good at, or maybe there’s something you wish to be really good at but aren’t yet? Why don’t you tell us all about them?

Share your talents and stories in the comment section below, or you can email Jackie Frost personally! Also, don’t forget to share your coloring pages this week on your favorite social media channels; you can also delight us all with the crystal stars that you made!

Comment below or email Jackie…and please remember to be who you are, and you’ll go star far!

[email protected]

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