Behind the Curtain with Gretel

Dim the house lights, pull back the curtain, and step into Gretel’s world from Tickling Dragon’s audio play, “Hansel & Gretel”! She’ll tell you in her own words, all about her adventures, and what it was like for her and her brother Hansel to have almost been baked like gingerbread!

“Who would have thought someone so horrible could live in such a nice little gingerbread house…”  Gretel thinks about how things are not always what they appear to be, and how strangers, even ones bearing candy and sweets, can be dangerous.  But never fear, because our character is here to help!  “Ice cream you say?  I’d love one, but I’ll just go get my Mom so she can have some too!”

Young or old, our character thinks you’ll be tickled pink with soliloquies of their personal anecdotes, accounts, and lessons well learned! We hope these video blogs will help your family laugh and learn together while listening happily ever after…


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