Behind the Curtain with…a donkey?

“The Donkey, the Table, and the Stick” is one of Tickling Dragon Theatre’s favorite plays, and Gretel’s too! Which is why she will be making a guest appearance to tell you what a table, a donkey, and a stick all have in common.

We hope everyone enjoys the fun facts Gretel has to offer, from the Brothers Grimm, to the fascination and love for donkeys in Germany!  But I mean, who doesn’t love donkeys and burros?  Our little Gretel loves them so much, she doesn’t wish for a magical donkey, she wants to be one!  And when one doesn’t have a genie at their disposal, granting wishes here and there, what is one to do?  She has the solution to that, with some homemade donkey ears, and some imagination.  You can be just about anything!

How many of you dream of being something else?  Something magical perhaps?  Want to know how to make your own donkey ears??

Please comment below or send Gretel an email personally!  With enough requests, Gretel just might show you how to make your own donkey ears so you can act out this play yourself!

[email protected]

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