Behind the Curtain with Dame Gothel

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so I may climb the golden stair!”  Ever wonder how hard it would really be to climb up the side of a tower with hair?  Hair?!  Well…Dame Gothel could tell you all about it, she has experience with such things.

What else can we expect from a reformed “wicked witch”?  Well, some insight into changing your evil ways, and a lot of trivia about gardening and why plants, like lettuce, has one common name and one scientific name!  Dame Gothel loves sharing the knowledge of her many years, one bit of advice though, don’t steal her magic lettuce!

On a more serious note, Dame Gothel wishes to impart something on our youngsters.  Sometimes, we may not get treated with the kindness we deserve…how do you respond?  Look to our character for the answer!  Regardless of how long Rapunzel spent in that awful tower, she and her Prince now rule the kingdom with fairness, allowing Dame Gothel to remain as long as she changes her evil ways, and Gothel couldn’t be more grateful.

Click the video to play and see the fun!  Maybe you have some ideas of your own for how to treat someone with kindness!

Comment below or even send Dame Gothel an email…

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