Behind the Curtain with Anitra…

Meet The Evil Princess Anitra!  No worries, she’s truly not as bad as some would have you believe.  I mean sure, she turned a Prince into a bear.  And yes, she might have kept him captive in the Troll Kingdom.  Does that mean she is really evil?  Wait…don’t answer that.  Just think about this; what does make a Princess?  

When one mentions the royal title of “Princess”, most will think of glamorous sparkling dresses, glittering crowns, glass slippers, and a knight or Prince in shinning armor.  But what about all the other daughters of royalty?  

Recently we have seen a massive Princess rebranding.  Suddenly young girls are running around wielding bows and arrows, refusing to marry, sailing across the oceans, and even saving themselves with their own acts of true love.  So does that mean one can be a true Princess even without the crown or girlish fantasies most of us grew up reading about?  We believe it does, and more importantly, so does our “evil” Princess from our play “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”.  

Hey, don’t we have another Tickling Dragon gals preaching the importance of staying true to your individual self?  Why yes, we do, Jackie Frost!  And if you wanted to learn more about “Be who you are and you’ll go star far”, you can go to her video!

Jackie Frost’s Behind the Curtain

Anitra will teach all of us about a magnificent book of many “One Upon A Times…”, with Princesses writing their own stories in new and exciting ways.  “The Book of Rejected Princesses” written by Jason Porath is this very book, and one of our new favorites.  Between the covers, Anitra discovers Khutulun, a true warrior Princess of the Mongolians in ancient China.  What a gal!  She rides horses, fights as well as her 14 brothers, and even wrestles, and wins, against men!  But, we’ll let Anitra tell you all about that, she’s really excited about it!  

If you like the story she has to offer about The Warrior Princess, you can follow this link and learn more about Jason Porath and his book.  I also heard a rumor that he’s coming out with “Rejected Princesses: Volume 2”!

If you wish for Princess Anitra to read some more tales from this book, just comment below, or email her personally at

[email protected]

She looks forward to hearing from you, and to looking at your coloring pages from this week’s story!  Share them on your favorite social media channels for all your friends and family to see.  

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Thank you for visiting the Troll Kingdom, and remember: Be who you are, and you’ll go star far!

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