• “We LOVE listening to Tickling Dragon Theatre! It’s a family event – we all sit together and soak up the story. Silliness always ensues. I know these are the memories that will last."

    Liz California
  • “What a gift to our children, and theirs, that these stories are being preserved and enjoyed once more. A lovely reminder that you don’t always need flash and fireworks to capture the hearts attention, or reignite imagination.”

    M.P. California
  • “Thank you for the great stories! I had such a good time with them and would like for many people to listen to these wonderful stories!”

    N.K. Tokyo, Japan
  • “Tickling Dragon stories are incredible. I had to give them another listen, and then another, and then another…”

    H.H. Chicago
  • “They are such quaint and nostalgic stories. I loved listening to them with my kids, I remembered reading stories with my parents, and now we are making new memories with these audio plays!”

    A.M. Iowa
  • “I dread getting my three kids in the car, car seats and cheerios everywhere. But after subscribing to Tickling Dragon plays, the trip is so much easier, and more fun for my kids. They can either listen to three different stories, or one all together, and I enjoy them too, we all have a lot of fun!”

    W.K. Florida
  • “My little boy has gotten so much calmer during bedtime! He used to kick and fight me when it was time to go to bed, but now he can’t wait to listen to the awesome adventure plays, thank you!”

    S.E. Pennsylvania
  • “I love how portable they are, you can put them on any MP3 device. Last week we flew to go see Grandma, and listening to them on the plane was perfect entertainment. My little girl loved them, and I loved the quiet!”

    B.W. New York
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